Cyliq Fly 12 ce122 HD Camera and Front Light, Free Shipping!

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Screenshot-2018-3-30 Fly12 CE - Front HD Bike Camera + Light.png

Cyliq Fly 12 ce122 HD Camera and Front Light, Free Shipping!


The Fly 12 combines a high-powered action camera that has been purpose built for cyclists and a bright bike front light.

Fly 12 Camera

Unlike other action cameras the Fly 12 has been specifically built for use on your bike. The camera itself is high powered and is a full 1080p HD camera with audio. It comes with smart looping video. To help you get the best level of stabilisation, no matter what terrain you are cycling on, the camera comes with a 6-axis image stabilisation. The casing of the camera is built to protect against the weather and dust plus the camera is fully waterproof up to 1m. It comes with a massive 8 hour run time and can be quickly recharged with a USB-C fast charge system.


Once you’ve finished filming and you want to download your footage you can easily do so with full Bluetooth compatibility. You can therefore easily stream your footage to your smartphone apps. Or if you prefer to download your filming to your PC or Mac the USB-C cable can be used to sync everything that your Fly12 has captured throughout the day. The Fly12 can also be controlled via ANT+ connectivity and has full Strava integration.

Front Light

To add to this dual, all-in-one system, the Fly 12 comes with a 600 lumen, super bright front bike light. The light comes with various different light modes which will suit various different cycling environments.

In the Box

  • Fly 12
  • Handlebar mount
  • Universal mount adapter
  • M5 screw for M5
  • 22.2m handlebar adapter
  • Tapered rubber handlebar adapter
  • Quick start guide
  • Safety info and warrant sheet
  • USB to USB-C Cable
  • Safety tether


  • Includes full 1080p HD camera and audio
  • Smart looping video
  • 6-axis image stabilisation
  • Weather and dust proof design
  • Integrated 600 lumen front light
  • Up to 8 hour run time
  • USB-C fast charge
  • Comes with bike alarm system
  • Connect to smartphone app via Bluetooth
  • Strava integration
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